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After watching the Chippendales documentary we new this was our calling along with hosting a wide range of events such as 80s v 90s fancy dress bash.
Cheeky, light hearted and raunchy entertainment by talented male performers is what we need to start the perfect weekend of whatever your celebrating Birthdays or Hen Dos



Established in 1979, Chippendales was the first all-male stripping troupe to make a business performing for mostly female audiences. Through the quality of its staging and choreography, Chippendales also helped legitimize stripping as a form of popular entertainment.

Legal Excitement

Chippendales was founded by India-born Somen "Steve" Banerjee. In 1975, Banerjee bought a failing West Los Angeles bar named Destiny II.
In 1979, Banerjee renamed the bar "Chippendales" and began hosting exotic dance nights for women, which became a major hit. After many battles he also made it legal for stripping to become a form of entertainment.


Banerjee opened clubs in New York, Dallas, and Denver, and three touring troupes toured around the US and Europe.
Similar nightclubs soon followed and the male performing industry began to grow to what we have today.